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An instrumental music concert juxtaposed with a video / sound installation. The ensemble is played live, essentially guided by the spirit of improvisation and performance. With a duration of 30 minutes, OSO freely improvises on the theme of Narcissus and Echo, in which the image / sound relationship resonates.

The installation integrates the water element as the central material of the device: the sounds materialize there and the images are reflected in it in interaction with the performance ... Voice, improvised music, multiple video projections, dance, punctuate the space , driven by the drop falling onto the reflecting pool.

The spectator creates his own viewing and listening angle: nor stage or chairs, the audience moves around the musicians and the installation in a sensory continuum.

30mn performance, improvised music,

video installation, video projections, dance.

Laurent Stoutzer, music and sound system Pierre Sanz, design and construction

David Coignard, design and video

Nathalie Héliès, administration and production

OSO was created and performed in 2017 at the X.Skills gallery (Bagnolet, 93), in 2019 at the MOFO festval in Mains d'oeuvres (Saint Ouens, 93), at the Capazza gallery (Nançay, 18) and at the media library Malraux (Stasbourg), for fifteen performances.


30mn performance, video projection on

an 80m wall.

Mapping Galerie Capazza, Nançay (18).

David Coignard, vidéo

Raphaël Etienne, vidéo

Production, Galerie Capazza, Coup de Film.


30mn performance, improvised music, video installation, dance.

Astroniric Festival, 2018, Ardèche

Laurent Stoutzer, music and sound system David Coignard, installation and video Company May Kazan, dance Production, Astroniric Festival, Collective of Irrésolu.

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