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E-Bullition is supported by 10 artists and 2 speakers, all inspiring and inspired, recognized on the national scene and in the visual arts.

This project wishes to respond to a double wish: For artists, it's a question of co-producing around improvisation and highlighting the transversality and interactivity of disciplines and for the public to discover a new type of concert that turns the spirit and the form upside down.

E-bullition is organized with the help of two associations, Winter Fairies who are the project leaders and who manage La Folie Numérique as well as La Compagnie Insuto, which will provide artistic direction. It will be a question of demonstrating that we can bring these two artistic expressions together and that one can serve the other and vice versa both in creation and in the dimension of dissemination and recognition among the public.


How to rejuvenate and develop performance contexts while keeping the aesthetic codes of this music?

E-Bullition wishes this collaboration with digital artists who will widen the diversity of practices, forms and spaces of expression.  

E-Bullition is part of the following intentions:

- Give pride of place to discoveries, unclassifiable projects, innovative artists,

- Respond to a wide musical range presented from the sharpest to the most unexpected,

- Emphasize "hybridization and improvisation" and responds to the primary values ​​of La Folie Numérique: meetings, experiments, exchanges and appropriation.

E-Bullition is built around a global approach:

- Residency research, development and dissemination

- 3 days of residency / workshop during which sound and visual artists from all backgrounds will be able to create and invent, explore the possible relationships between Music / video, music / VR, music / sound installation

- 2 days of concerts / performances which will be the restitution of the residences with impromptu master-classes at the end of the concert.

- 2 participative workshops will complete the program.


E-Bullition will make it possible to enchant all these practices, by sharpening the senses, by proposing a synesthesia which will highlight the spontaneous superposition of vision and listening.



Laurent Stoutzer: Guitarist-composer - Insuto company

Julien Desprez : Guitarist and digital artist

David Coignard: Videographer - digital artist - Insuto company

Davy Sur: Percussionist Benjamin Sanz: Drummer - Composer

Florent Colautti: Digital artist and musician

Hector J Ayala: Guitarist - - composer

Uriel Barthelemi : Drummer - digital artist - electroacoustician

Mogly Speix: VR digital artist, performer

Simon Gendrot: Drummer - Composer COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOPS

Claude Barthélémy: Guitarist, composer (and mathematician) Conducted the National Jazz orchestra for two occasions.

Dominique Moulon is an independent curator, art critic and teacher. Expository Comissioner.

E-bullition is a proposal for a meeting between artists

of improvised music and visual and digital arts.

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