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Founding members of the collective

Laurent Stoutzer: music and sound system

Pierre Sanz: design and construction

David Coignard: design and video

Nathalie Héliès: administration and production

Lionel Ramousse: president and pianist


Permanent resident at La Folie Numérique in Paris, the Insuto company is an association open to all and created in 2019.

With a collective of artists composed of Pierre Sanz , David Coignard and Laurent Stoutzer , it is about experimenting, designing installations and performances around video and improvised music by answering the following questions:

- how the creative process is set up around the visual and sound and how design now accompanies digital creations.

- how the concepts, even the specificities and the aesthetics of the video drive research with intersections between art and technology.

- how to set up performance contexts while keeping the aesthetic codes of improvised music?

This collective brings together a wide variety of practices, ranging from the creation of projects oriented "digital object" to that of works aimed at developing performances and concerts.

The Insuto Company also means developing solidarity and cultural mutual aid around a company of artists.

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