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David Coignard, videographer, born in 1962, lives and works in Paris - Member of the INSUTO collective, of the Fées d'Hiver collective, permanent resident at La Folie Numérique, Parc de la Villette, Paris.


David Coignard began the video in the early 80s, while Nam June Paik exhibited in Beaubourg his stacks of televisions. His artistic reflection nourished exclusively by cinema then takes another dimension. Video and television open up new perspectives. He worked as a director on television, before its industrialization, for several years.


At the same time, he films thousands of images: portraits, objects, impressions and creates his raw material, the one from which he will draw a few years later.


At the end of the 90s David Coignard discovered the scenic space with the theater. He collaborates with Jean-Baptiste Sastre, Claude Regy, David Géry, Yann Dacosta and Eric Petitjean for whom he creates video devices for several productions. The temporality of the projected sequences pushes the limits of the theatrical space and tests the actors' bodies: like an added character, the image participates in the dramaturgy.


He filmed between 1998 and 2005 during long trips to Andalusia, documentary images, rare testimonies on bullfighting culture. With this work he decides to free himself from the support. Editing is impossible: you have to get out of the screen, cross the surface and stage these images to make them reality in space.


Thus for David Coignard, the materials that fuel his research come together definitively: video projection, the question of support and the issues of the representation of space and time.


Since 2005, he has devoted himself entirely to video installation. He creates ephemeral and fragile devices (natural elements, water, balloons, sheers, fans ...) designed as poetic receptacles for his projections. These video pieces organized in sequences and in different loops of images intersect like organic convolutions in search of our inner rhythms.

In 2018 he founded with his friends Laurent Stoutzer (musician) and Pierre Sanz (scenography) the colletif INSUTO, permanent resident of La Folie Numérique in the Parque de la Villette in Paris.




  • - Outdoor mapping, TREE: Capazza Gallery, Nançay (18).

    Search on the loop, 2''30. 80m by 6m wall. 3 video projectors.

  • - Installation NARCISSUS OR THE 1st SOCIAL NETWORK: Festival 100%, La Villette, Paris.
    Immersive device in which the spectators are invited, one by one, to live for a few minutes a face to face with themselves: a physical, sound and visual experience in a box cut off from the world.
    With L. Stoutzer (sound), P. Sanz (design and production of the box), D. Coignard (design of the installation).
    Production: La Folie Numérique - 100% Festival.

  • OSO PROJECT performance: MOFO Festival, Hands of Works (Saint Ouen, 93)
    3 performances, with Camille Simon (dance), Jozef Dumoulin (Fender Rodhe, effects), Jean-Jacques Birgé (keyboard), Laurent Stoutzer (composition and guitar), David Coignard (installation and video projection) and Pierre Sanz (design and production water cabinet). Production: Hands of Works - MOFO Festival.




  • - DIGITAL MADNESS, LA VILLETTE, Paris, 6-week residency.
    Development of the OSO project, construction of a new water cabinet that interacts with sound. With Laurent Stoutzer (composition) and Pierre Sanz (design and production of the water furniture).

  • - Performance concert / video installation: OSO - Ondes sur ombres, Capazza gallery, Nançay (18).
    The sound at the origin of the image: research undertaken with Laurent Stoutzer (composer / guitarist) with the aim of creating a concert / performance integrating a video / sound installation.

  • - Indoor video installation: NARCISSUS IN TEARS - Astronirique Festival - Saint Julien en Saint Alban, Ardèche.

    In the Roberts Chapel, Echo in pursuit of Narcissus. Furniture, water, water drop generator, speakers, 2 video projectors. Furniture design: Pierre Sanz - Computer programming InterfaceZ.

  • - Outdoor video installation: INTERVAL - Astronirique Festival - Saint Julien en Saint Alban, Ardèche.

    Video projection on net curtain suspended from helium balloons (30m / 5m) with a solo concert by Laurent Stoutzer (composer and guitarist). Production: Astroniric Festival.

  • - Video installation: MANY MINDS, MANY WORLDS - X.skills Bagnolet gallery (93).
    Subjected to the mechanical round of two oscillating fans, two naked bodies, each trapped in their "cocoon", seek, find, repel, brush against each other ... The cog of its two entities notched by a crossed fate, makes us reason this story playing out with the story of our perpetuity. Fans, net curtains, video projection, soundtrack. Dance Florence Le Dinh, Valentin Maron - Son Julia Latorre.

  • - Video residency - Digital scene, Montbéliard: for the creation of the play L'HOMME DE RIEN : Staging Eric Petitjean - Dramaturgical conception Marion Aubert and Eric Petitjean - Writing Marion Aubert - With Romane Bohringer, Fantazio, Reina Kakudate (In progress ) and 2 musicians, Francesco Pastacaldi, Fanny Lasfargues. Production: Compagnie de l'Etang Rouge - Co-production: Les Deux Scènes - National Scene of Besançon, MA national stage Pays de Montbéliard, Les Scènes du Jura - National Scene ... (In progress)




  • - Performance Video installation / concert: 0S0 (Ondes sur ombres), 3-week residency, XSkills (L'Incubateur) Bagnolet (93).

    The sound at the origin of the image: research undertaken with Laurent Stoutzer (composer and guitarist) in order to create a performance that mixes video installation and live music. Restitution on September 21, guests: R. Huby (violin) and X. Desandre Navarre (percussion).

  • - Video installation, SOUND IN MOUVEMENT: VISUAL STORY, 4 weeks residency.
    Production: Compagnie de l'Etang rouge / DRAC de Bourgogne Franche-Comté / Community of Comunes du Val d'Amour. Creation of a video installation where the movements of the screen are made by the membrane of 2 speakers. The image becomes mechanically dependent on the sound which imposes itself as the engine of the narration.




  • - Video installation, INDIVIDUALIT DUALITÉ II: INTERVAL, 3rd Biennial of Sacred Art of Pantin, European Heritage Days.

    Outdoor video installation - sheers, helium balloons, video projection - Church of Pantin (93).

  • - Creation, Val d'Amour Theater Meeting
    Live video-mapping during a concert by Polina Streltsova (cello) and Gabriel Joliot (drums), Vaudrey church (39).




  • - Creative residency, Collectif Village Unhu - Harare, Zimbabwe

    Preparation and location of a 3-month residency for 2016 and collaborative video and visual arts project. Live public presentation at the British council in Harare.

  • - Creation, FRASQ, performance meeting - Art center Le Générateur, Gentilly (94) : Live video and sound for GRANDE ALICE performances by Disastronaut (us / uk).




  • - Creation, theater - "Philoctetes a wound" - Text Pierre-Yves Chapalain

    Directed by Anne-Margrit Leclerc and Éric Petitjean. Co-production - André Malraux Cultural Center, Les Scènes du Jura, Theater Here and There. Diffusion: Theater of Lons-le-Saunier (Lons-le-Saunier 39) - Theater Le Colombier (Bagnolet 93) - Théâtre-Maison d'Elsa (Jarny 54) - Château rouge (Annemasse 74).
    Video scenography creation.

  • - Creation, FRASQ, performance meeting - Art center Le Générateur - Gentilly (94). Live video for NÖNUDE performances by Sarah Cassenti

  • - Group exhibition - ExpoChrono, programming of ephemeral exhibitions, Aubervilliers (93) INDIVI / DUALITY IV video installation: AT THE BORDER OF EVENTS.




  • - Exhibition at the artist's workshops The belly of the Whale, Pantin (93)

    Video installation in an abandoned freight elevator (aquarium, mirror, video projection).

  • - Creation, Theater - FAHRENHEIT 451, based on the text by Ray Bradbury
    Directed by David Gery. Broadcast at the Théâtre de la Commune CDN d 'Aubervilliers; National stage of Sénart / Espace Malraux, National stage of Chambéry and Savoie; The Volcano, National Scene of Le Havre; Les Célestins, Theater of Lyon. Video creation and video scenography.

  • - Video installation creation - INDIVIDUAL / DUALITY III: LOVE AND MECHANICS - Video kunst festival LOOPINGSTAR 2012 - Saarbrücken - Germany.
    Crossing of temporalities and the world of intimacy - oscillating sails and fans, video projection, sound.



  • - Creation, Theater - LE BOUC

    RW Fassbinder - directed by Yann Dacosta - DSN Dieppe National Scene.

    Video creation and video scenography.

  • - Creation of video installation - INDIVI / DUALITÉ II: INTERVAL
    Outdoor video installation - net curtain, helium balloon, video projection - meeting of artists' collective, PASNIC art center - Tournai sur Dive, 14.



2011 to 2013

  • - Creation, Theater - HÉLÈNE ET FÉLIX

    Scenography and video around the spatialization of the world of intimate thought.




  • - Video installation creation - INDIVI / DUALITY I: WIND IN MIRRORS

    Misappropriation of Ange Leccia's images - sails and oscillating fans, video projection.



2009 to 2012

  • - Creation, Theater - LES PAPOTINS (LA TACHE DE MARIOTTE)

    According to the newspaper "Le Papotin", directed by Driss ElKesri of Anthony's day hospital - Staging Eric Petitjean - Co-production Théâtre de la Tempête, Center Dramatique National de Thionville / Lorraine, Action Culturel du Pays de Briey .
    Scenography and video on the difference, the scene / audience relationship, the screen / actor relationship.




  • - Collective exhibition, creation - TORPS BODY, Artist workshops The belly of the Whale, Pantin (93)

    Sound projection on installation, study of a “scenographed” film: facing death, animality and frozen reason, text by G. Deleuze.

  • - Collective creation, video - WORKSHOP DIALOGUE
    Experimental video, 2010, 13 min. Research on the power of the gesture to dialogue, mixing shooting and simultaneous projection - Presentation in 2011, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, exhibition "Dance your life".
    Imaging David Coignard and Jean-Louis Valliccioni - Dancers Dalila Zarama and Didier Silhol.




  • - Video installation creation - DEATH OF PAQUIRRI

    Sound projection on installation. Study of a “scenographed” film on the body of thought, body thought, reflections around bullfighting - Public presentation at Ventre de la Baleine, Pantin, 93.




  • - Theater - THE AFFAIR OF RUE DE LOURCINE by Eugène Labiche

    Directed by Jean-Batiste Sastre - Co-production Le Quartz de Brest, Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Chambéry-Scène Nationale, Niort-Scène nationale, Comédie de Reims.
    Collaboration on staging.



  • - Theater - HAUTE SURVEILLANCE by Jean Genêt
    Directed by Jean-Batiste Sastre - co-production Théâtre de la Bastille / Paris - Le Maillon, Strasbourg. Collaboration on staging.




  • - Video - RAZ L'EAU

    18 min video documentary on an installation by Cat Loray and Clément Borderie (visual artists) during a residency and an exhibition in Laredo, Spain.


  • - Film fiction - THE HOUSE FULL OF EARTH - (28 min, 16 mm, color)

    Co-production David Coignard, Jean-Louis Valliccioni - with Philippe Laudenbach, Maïté Maillet - Lucia Productions - presented in 1988 at the Belfort International Festival.




- Television - SPORTS DIRECT

Sports directing for television for: Canal +, Sport +, Eurosport, TPS, France television.

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