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Laurent Stoutzer is a stage musician, jazz improviser guitarist and related music, specialized in recent years in sound research.

Laurent Stoutzer is a stage musician, jazz improviser guitarist and related music, specialized in recent years in sound research.
With an atypical career as a jazz musician since 1976, self-taught, he also followed a jazz course at CIM in Paris, before studying at the Conservatories of Nice and Strasbourg.
He has also participated in many projects with many leading musicians such as: Regis Huby, Yaron Herman, Eve Risser, Benjamin Moussay, Markus Stockhausen, Yuko Oshima, Claude Barthélemy, Jozef Dumoulin, Noel Akchoté and Claude Barthélémy.

His instinctive search for transversality, hybridization and versatility of disciplines, means of expression, crossings, between the different artistic mediums, prompted him to get involved in numerous projects involving sound, scenography and installations.
Initiated in Contemporary Art by the painter James Coignard (father of David Coignard), he never stopped gathering improbable elements, participated in sound-painting experiments, collaborated with contemporary dance, and traced lines of leaks between his ice hockey career and creation.
These different guidelines move away and intersect until they become one and the same trajectory which clearly demonstrates his impregnable desire to gather, question, explore.

1972 Laurent Stoutzer discovers the Beatles, guitar and ice hockey in Rouen.

-1973/80 after his first years of college in Nice, he joined a Sports-Studies course in Gap and became a member, in 1978 of the French junior hockey team, while discovering jazz and free-jazz, ECM, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, as well as funk and pop, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, James Taylor, America and Milton Nascimento.

- 1980/90 He began jazz guitar in Nice and his professional career, before settling in Paris where he studied at CIM, with Denis Badault and Lionel Benhamou. In addition to studying jazz standards, he learned about the music of Ornette Coleman and free jazz.

- 1991 he discovers improvised music and composition, thanks to the composer and poly-instrumentalist Bernard Struber, in Strasbourg. He will discover the world of Contemporary Music and its major influences, through the study of the works of Georgy Ligety, Olivier Messaien, John Cage, Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nono, Morton Feldman, La Monte Young, Steve Reich and Phillip Glass .

- 1988 and 1994, He graduated from the CNR of Nice and Strasbourg.

- 2001, He creates the BASSAMAT quartet, with the double bass player Gautier Laurent, the trumpet player Serge Haessler and the drummer Christian Mariotto. Collaborates in the Franco / Moroccan DAR GNAWA project with accordionist Yves Weyh.

-2003 Meeting with Markus Stockhausen, trumpeter and son of the composer, within the ensemble of Pierre Michel, OVALE.

-2002/2003 he founded the group Laurent Stoutzer PRAXIS (Bruno Angelini, Benjamin Moussay, Yaron Herman, Eve Risser, Régis Huby, Arnault Cuisinier and Luc Isenmann), in which he experiments with many forms of writing and improvisation, based notably on the Oulipos, made famous by the works of Georges Pérec. PRAXIS has performed numerous concerts and festivals within the national network of Improvised Music, as well as a concert noticed in the broadcast by Xavier Prevost and Arnaud Merlin Jazz Sur Le Vif on France Musique.

-2006 he co-founded the trio ICE CREAM IMAGINAIRE with Yuko Oschima and Vincent Posty, in 2006 (cd released the same year)

- 2010/2019 he devotes himself almost exclusively to his projects of rapprochement between Contemporary Music, Improvised Music and digital arts, concretized by the association with the videographer / Plastic artist David Coignard, and their OSO PROJECT as well as NARCISSE OR THE FIRST SOCIAL NETWORK.
- 2013 founds the ZUFALL ENSEMBLE (16 musicians)
- 2017 creation of OSO ONDES SUR OMBRES at XSKILLS, Bagnolet
- 2018 creation EL RITO, THE RITE, duet with the Mexican guitarist Hector J. AYALA
- 2019 Co-founded with David COIGNARD, Pierre SANZ and Nathalie Heliès, the INSUTO collective
- 2019 co-founds a duo with guitarist Noël AKCHOTE
- 2019 co-founds a duo with Claude Barthélémy

Selective discography:
- 1998 Laurent Stoutzer Trio (Gautier Laurent, Christian Mariotto)
- 1999 Laurent Stoutzer Quartet (Grégory Ott, Gautier Laurent, Christian Mariotto)
- 2000 BASSAMAT (Serge Haessler, Grégory Ott, Gautier Laurent, Christian Mariotto, Laurent Stoutzer
- 2003 OVALE Ensemble (Pierre Michel, Pascal Gully, Vincent Posty)
- 2005 Laurent Stoutzer PRAXIS, (DOM Disques)
- 2006 ICE CREAM IMAGINAIRE (self-production)
- 2009 PLEXUS-ORPHEE, (Music Bee)
- 2017 SOUNDS OF MOVES (ACM Jazz Label)
- 2019 BICINIUM Noël Akchoté, Laurent Stoutzer (Believe Music)

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