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LE COLLECTIF INSUTO - Résident permanent à la Folie Numérique, parc de la Villette, Paris.


L’unique réalité de la vidéo, c’est un bout de lumière sur un morceau de tissu qui fait écran. Tout le reste est question de perception et d’expérience du regardant.

Every image is accompanied by sound and all sound, more and more often, by an image :  they look at each other. Their always parallel race means that they have, one for the other, an absolute fidelity. But they never meet, never touch each other : they accompany each other… from a distance.


On the one hand the sound and the speaker, on the other the image and the screen.


What if the sound relates to the screen ? The image with the speaker ?

What would decompartmentalizing the functions of these elements bring to the eye, to listening? What type of object can he give birth to ? And what will his aesthetic tell us, allow us to tell ?


Founded by a musician, a videographer and a scenographer, the Insuto collective seeks at the crossroads of these 3 disciplines: each installation and performance project develops an object that weaves new links between image and sound.

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